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Do you have a post-crisis plan?


While most organizations can manage a crisis, ensuring the safety of their employees and the continuity of their operations, they sometimes leave aside, in the stress of the situation, the need to develop early a post-crisis strategy to ensure a fast reset when normality finally returns.. This is essential to take advantage of the new environment and its opportunities and to outpace the competition.

Our approach

A 1 ½ day workshop with the CEO and his/her Management Team


  • Informative: tools to manage change effectively and proactively

  • Collaborative: drive strong team integration and alignment

  • Interactive: all stakeholders take part in the solution which promotes accountability

  • Structured: proven step by step process to ensure the fundamentals are in place

The outcomes of the workshop


  • Impact diagnostic of the crisis on the organization.

  • Short-term action plan to address/arrest urgent issues.

  • Strategic action plan for the next 6 to 12 months period.

  • Revised organizational structure to address the challenges ahead

  • Alignment & engagement of the Management Team

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