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The Adizes Institute has over a hundred certified associates supporting organizations in over 73 countries. 


Richard and Yann lead the Orange County office. They are experienced business leaders who led small and large organizations, across multiple industries & countries, professionally trained in the Adizes Methodology™.

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Richard Azera
Partner & Professional Director
30+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, creating and selling three successful companies, and as a CEO within large organizations (Groupe Suez, Groupe Danone)
Adizes Associate since 2004

"Richard has helped guide us from a founder's run to an institutionalized company while growing  strongly in top and bottom line and significantly increasing in value."

Alberto Cohen, CEO Mobo

Yann Audebert
Partner & Managing Director
20+ years as an entrepreneur, building and leading emerging businesses for multinationals (Danone Group, Lala group, Jose Cuervo Group)
Adizes Associate since 2017

"Yann's guidance as a Board Adviser and consultancy on few key projects have had a great impact on our company. His sharp strategic thinking, business experience and natural ability to work with the team has made him a solid business partner for the organization. " 

Colleen Akehurst, CEO AlEn USA

Nathalie Riu
Adizes Associate, France

30+ years building new business models (Partnership, digital marketing & commercial transformation) for multinationals (P&G, American Express, Wolters Kluwer)

and teacher at the HEC MBA program.

Adizes Associate since 2019
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Our purpose: Change the way management is performed, one company at a time, providing leaders with the tools and expertise, to empower, inspire and energize their team to collaboratively fulfill a common Mission

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