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Adizes Organization Corporate Lifecycle™
The Adizes Methodology™ 
enables your organization to successfully tackle complex challenges, attract and retain exceptional talent, generate superior financial returns, and become a dominant player in your market.
"Fundamental to the Adizes Methodology™is the concept that organizations, like any living entity, have a natural lifecycle. By determining where on its lifecycle a particular organization is, we are able to predict the problems it will face as it continues to develop."
The Adizes methodology™ provides a proven, systematic framework for surviving and thriving in a changing world.
By recognizing that change is inevitable, and acknowledging that it can lead to destructive conflict, Adizes provides leaders with the means to address key issues and unlock the hidden potential in their organizations.
We strongly believe that by creating a culture of mutual trust and respect, the conflicts arising from change can be channeled in a positive direction, and maximum energy can be focused on forward progress. We help our clients build this kind of environment - where collaborative change is not only possible, but the norm.
What Adizes can do for an organization
Every organization, like every individual, will exhibit predictable and repetitive patterns of behavior as it grows and ages. Each new stage in an organization's development presents unique challenges. How well or poorly these issues are addressed - and necessary action taken - determines the ultimate success or failure of that organization.
Over time, and following its own kind of adolescence, a successful organization will come to operate in what we call a prime state. This is characterized by a balance between control and flexibility. The right structures are in place to manage things on a day-to-day basis, but people are not so wedded to the status quo that the organization is stifled from pursuing new opportunities or adapting to changes in their environment.
The Adizes methodology™ provides a route toward achieving prime for your organization, along with a set of skills that will enable you to continue functioning at peak levels. By building a culture that acknowledges and embraces the inevitability and power of change, it is possible to maintain the balance between control and flexibility that so often eludes even the most successful leaders.
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