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Organizational Transformation



How to accelerate your organization's path toward its prime stage in its lifecycle?

By understanding your organization's current position on its corporate lifecycle it is possible to identify and anticipate the steps needed to reach its maximum potential.


Our proven Organizational Transformation Program has been implemented over thousand of organizations around the world. Together and through a series of highly collaborative workshops, we  will diagnose the organization to understand our starting point and follow a structured and very interactive process to align the teams around a clear mission action plan for the next five years, re-align the organizational structure accordingly and develop an accountability system that will be reinforced with the adequate reward system. The whole process is also an opportunity to develop the managerial capabilities of your team as they will learn to use new tools, techniques and processes that can be implemented immediately in your day to day operation. 

As a result, the organization will become more agile, able to respond to change more pro-actively and able to sustain a new participative management culture.



Our approach

After an initial session to identify the main challenges, you and your adviser align on a monthly advisory program


  • Collaborative: the program involves the management team and a representative group of employees of the organization. This participative approach ensure the buy in and faster implementation of the changes.

  • Structured: a proven step by step process conducted through a series of highly interactive in person or remote workshops.

  • Customized: The program varies in its content and duration based on the organization's needs and will be discussed with the Adizes team. 

The benefits of our Organizational Transformation Program


While some positive impact of the program can be felt from day one, organization that complete the transformation journey will experience : 


  • A higher level of  Mutual Trust & Respect within the organization allowing the people to work as one integrated team and reducing unnecessary internal conflicts.

  • The whole organization strategically aligned with a clear direction where people know what they have to do and are rewarded accordingly to their performance.

  • The ability to manage problems more effectively and efficiently as a team allowing the organization to become more agile.

  • An organization well balanced between the right amount of flexibility & control and a clear path to its next stage of development. 

  • Improved business performance in top and bottom line and increased company valuation 

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