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Is your organization effective at solving its problems?


The pace of change is inevitably accelerating and forcing organizations to deal with more and more disruptions and complex problems to solve.. Successful organizations do not avoid the problems but become very good at solving them.. The Adizes approach provides a proven process and framework to develop this capability in-house. 

Our approach

Three 1/2 day monthly remote sessions working on the organization's problems over a period of three months


  • Educational: Key employees are trained on powerful principles of problem-solving

  • Collaborative: A more effective teamwork approach for the best solution and implementation

  • Pragmatic: The learning is conducted from day one working on your organization's problems

  • Effective: Complex problems are streamlined and more easily resolved

The outcomes of the program


  • An understanding of the dynamics that creates problems and how to best solve them

  • Pragmatic tools & processes are implemented to systematically address the problems your organization faces

  • A shift of mindset where problems are turned into opportunities

  • An improvement in the teamwork's output

  • Better solutions and faster implementation

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