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  Improving the organization's performance through  

Executive Training 
& seminars

Executive Trainings  & Seminars

Develop your Leadership team capabilities and teamwork effectiveness through programs customized to your needs

Collaborative Organizational Diagnosis

Organizational Diagnosis

Identify, understand and prioritize the organization's key underlying opportunities through a collaborative diagnosis process called  "Syndag"

Organizational Transformation

Organizational Transformation program

Dramatically improve your team's problem solving capabilities, organizational culture and corporate alignment through collaborative tools and processes


A unique combination of real business experience with the processes & tools of the Adizes Methodology
We are organizational therapists and true business partners
The work is done by the Partners, not by junior associates
The technology & know how is transferred to the client
A proven Methodology & the experience of a global network
A fraction of the cost of large consulting firms


Listen to what CEOs say about Adizes

What CEOs Are Saying About Adizes
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